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Do I Need Insurance for My Home Business?

A lot of small to medium scale businesses are operated from homes of successful entrepreneurs. Many of them operate on the misconception that their home insurance covers their home business activities, but that’s not true. In fact, running businesses from home could, in many cases, invalidate your home insurance policy.

This makes it very important for home-based business owners to know that they would require additional coverages for securing their businesses, and the type of coverage would depend on the nature of the business they’re running. If you do not have the money to get proper insurance for your home business in the beginning, you can take a short-term loan from an online service like 24Cash. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

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These are some of the home-based business insurances that might help you secure your business based on your need:

  • Business Property Insurance: While business owners tend to rely on their home insurance, all business owners should have Business Contents Insurance to cover against theft, damage, and loss, in addition to contents insurance the home insurance provides.
  • General Liability Insurance: If one of your family members visiting you gets hurt, your homeowner’s policy covers it. But if a client visiting gets hurt, the policy won’t cover it. General Liability insurance protects your business from being liable for the injuries caused to the people and damages caused to their property.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: If General Liability insurance covers injuries to clients present in your business premises, Professional Liability Insurance covers damages caused to the clients by potential negligence or failures in services provided by your business. 
  • Product Liability Insurance: If your business sells a product, you might need coverage for a person or property damages that your product might cause due to malfunction.
  • Business Automobile Coverage: If your business involves client visits, making pickups or deliveries, your personal Automobile Insurance Policy won’t cover business use of your vehicle. You’ll need Business Automobile Coverage that’ll provide necessary protection from damages caused by accidents. 

Other Insurance Policies

Based on your business and the size of it, your needs are going to vary. If you have employees, you will need Workers Compensation Insurance. Then to protect your equipment, in other cases of frauds and crimes, you also have Commercial Crime Insurance, etc.

Final Thoughts

So, to answer the question – Do I need insurance for my home business? – Yes, you do. There are so many business liabilities, and we have covered major ones, you need to be able to protect yourself and your business. You should have at least one or two policies or a hybrid of them based on what your business needs the most.

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