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Online Gambling: Is it a Viable Money-Making Method?

Wandering around in the belly of the beast we call the internet, you can find a series of money-making and money-saving tips. Some of them are really useful, some of them might seem weird at first but can be lifesavers in certain situations (like the one I’ve read about selling your plasma to blood banks for easy money), and some of them are complete and utter nonsense. There was, in turn, one that I’ve stumbled upon several times that made me wonder, about playing real money games at diverse online gaming venues. The blogs listing gambling as a viable way to make an extra buck presented it as an easy way to earn with a minimal investment needed. It made me wonder, so I did my homework – and here are the results.

Online entertainment

The 7Sultans Casino has been around for over a decade, which makes it one of the oldest such establishments still in business. It is part of a major and reputable online entertainment group, along with several other brands well-known in the world of internet gambling. As an old “player”, it’s well-known for the online gaming community – I’ve checked the reviews for the 7Sultans on two reputable casino review portals and found it to have decent ratings at both. Its website is well built, clean, and focuses on the games, which makes it clear that it considers itself an entertainment provider. And that’s the key to understanding online casinos from a money-making point of view: they are entertainment venues, and they shouldn’t be considered something else.

How they work

Online casinos work in a simple way. Players need to register an account (making sure they are of legal age and from a jurisdiction where gambling online is allowed) and they instantly gain access to the casino’s game library – they can try any of the games in “practice mode”, free of charge. To play for real, players need to log on in “real money” mode, make a deposit through one of the safe and secure transactions options available, and that’s about it. Once the money reaches the operator (it can take seconds if e-wallets are used, or days in the case of traditional transactions like bank transfers), players can start to spend their coins on any of the games available.


There is one thing you need to understand: casinos – land-based or otherwise – are businesses, not charities. As such, their goal is to make profits, not to give away their money. Their profit margin is built into the games they offer through something called RTP – Return to Player.

RTP is a term used to express the percentage of the money a player can win in a given amount of time when playing a perfect game. For a game that has an RTP of 95%, for example, you can expect to win back $95 out of every $100 you spend on it. The games at the 7Sultans Casino have an average RTP of 95.89% (as certified by eCogra, an independent body overseeing the gaming industry). This means that, on average, players will lose less than 5% of all the money they spend on gaming – sometimes less, other times more.

The verdict

As you can see, gambling online is not a viable money-making method. It is a viable form of online entertainment, though, chosen by millions of players all over the world. Their vast majority doesn’t play online casino games for the wins – they seek the thrill of entertainment in their preferred form. Winning is, of course, always a possibility, yet casino games are not predictable enough to be a reliable source of income.

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