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How music could turn into a big surprise

Classic music is widely believed to bring numerous benefits for those who listen and perform. The modern movements include not only musical technique improvement. As well, some credit is given to music therapy as the alternative medicine that makes it possible to treat various diseases. Lessons where students learn how to play piano have become a part of the stated direction. However, do they deal with true facts while talking about healing power of piano? Let’s figure out.

Music therapy: which way the wind blows

The researchers who are deeply involved into the movement of music therapy claim that it harkens back to the tomes of Homer. They say it was verily Greek writer who described how the lyrical singing had cured the wounds of the injured heroes. Some physicians dwelling in the ancient epoch explained how it could be working out.

According to their belief, two powers circulate in the human organism, particularly, electromagnetic waves and energetic flood. Having been combined, they create a kind of accord that is likely to be controlled with the help of the appropriately chosen music. This is where music therapy should search for its roots.

The current scientists compiled all the information brought from the old legends and created a structured system.

For instance, they looked into the Bible only to find out several facts confirming the existence of such a scientific movement. Exactly, there is a story where King Saul who had been suffering because of an evil force called for David who skillfully played dulcimer. Listening to the sounds of the music, Saul felt much better.

A bit of history and theory

It could seem that the entire science of music therapy is based only on the fairy-tales, but it is a wrong impression. For example, since the beginning of XIX century European psychologists have included classic music into the treatment of nervous breakdowns. Next, in the middle of XX century doctors discovered that music therapy may be suitable not only in the scope of mental disorders but also in the area of other illnesses.

Moreover, physics approved these results giving a data that too high or, vice versa, low sounds are able to destroy cardiovascular system. Unfortunately, some rock-melodies are based on the harmful frequencies, such as from 80 DBm and lower. No wonder, such music is bound to undermine functioning of stomach, heart, vestibular apparatus, head, and eyes.

On the contrary, according to the investigations carried out in the USA and Europe, children who had listened to classic music studied better and concentrated all the attention on the fulfillment of school tasks easily.

The results made a lot of parents interested in further development of their kids’ mental abilities. Thus, musical schools and Piano lessons from highly qualified Piano teachers became a special point of interest for the majority of people.

How piano melodies may improve the health

The simple way to let children get involved into the healing classic music is making them play it. As the music therapists declare, the arias of Verdi are synchronic with the cardiovascular rhythm, so, their performance could protect from the unpleasant problems with heart.

In its turn, the sonatas of Mozart helped to stop the epileptic seizures. That is why all the music community has spoken about the curing effect of Mozart’s melodies which are also included into the curriculum of special music schools.

Additionally, it is said that gastritis could be cured by Bethoven’s Sonata number 7 while insomnia is susceptible to the power of ‘Peer Gynt’ by Edvard Hagerup Grieg. The same could be told about ‘Goldberg Variations’ composed by Johann Sebastian Bach for the count Keyserlingk as the treatment from insomnia.

If you are still hesitating or a bit skeptical concerning the healing power of music, just switch it on and enjoy the ever-lasting sounds of classic melodies.

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