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Money Vs Mirrors: life that shines brightly

There was a British proverb saying that breaking a mirror means seven years of bad luck. The origination of this wise saw lied in the following fact. In the ancient times mirrors cost so much that house owners should have saved money for seven years to buy a new item. Has this situation changed as the time passed by? Today we are going to talk about qualified mirrors and ability of money to convert into the mirrors.

Legends and superstitions

It is believed that money has two main functions that are usually achieved by the majority of people. Particularly, they could be attracted and reflected, almost like in the occasion with mirrors. Some psychologists are also convinced that money expresses all the sides of human nature. If a person were mean, with the apparition of finances he would become a real skinflint. In case people had a burning desire to help to those in need, he would spend a fortune on the charitable events.

In the same way, reflection in the mirror affected many people badly. Those who for the first time encountered possibility of the second-self existence were totally scared. In some grass-roots traditions humans supposed that mirror reflected another person or it was soul expressed through the flat surface of glass.

Reflecting power of money

Only lazy person has not ever talked about circular nature of money. You never know when they are going to visit you, and when it is time for them to run out. In its turn, in the Medieval Ages texts the mirror was represented as the symbol of eternity. Amazingly, it contained everything that used to be, is included nowadays and what is going to come into human life.

Then, there is an inveterate argument if the money is able to bring happiness. Some people stand for the statement claiming that everything could be bought, including relationships, love, health and good luck. Others object to the first category of people. They are convinced that our destiny is in the arms of the highest power, so, what has happened has been defined beforehand.

Perhaps, such an approach harkens back to a Greek legend when Perseus killed Gorgon using a lustrous shield as the mirror. The glance of the legendary demon had transformed people into stones, but that time Gorgon was attacked by the visitation.

Do you belief in mystery?

We tried to find out different stories that could confirm or disapprove the mysterious power of the mirrors. For instance, one woman shared her narration:

‘I used to give money to my child before he was going to school in the entrance hall in front of the mirror. Day by day the situation repeated. I gave out money, then mirror reflected that and, honestly, we were constantly out of money in our house. When I had noticed such a strange consequence, I stopped this routine process of giving money in front of mirror and started putting notes in the purse what was also reflected by the mirror. It sounds wonderful, but now we have more money than ever before’.

Another story tells about one more interesting occasion.

‘Once I decided to find quality mirrors & mirror accessories online or in store, this is how I purchased the ‘happy mirror’ that belongs to me now. In front of that I put the gift of my husband, a beautiful red rose and colorful sand. Then, during a couple of years all the guests came in my house with the flowers, relatives presented us pillows with floristic patterns and even pictures. However, this amazing smell of roses that became a constant inhabitant of our house was spoilt a bit by the dust. I really did not know where it came from. Next, once I came up with the idea that both roses and colorful sand stood in front of the mirror and, perhaps, are transmitted into my house. Thus, I organized the interior decisions in other way and got rid of unpleasant dust’.

Having been aware of the majestic abilities of mirrors, one should choose this item carefully that would suit the inner desires of the family. So, choose the right variant, decorate your flat in an amazing way and let the light of love and harmony shine brightly!

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