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Money Making Ideas to Avoid Debt

If you are currently having trouble making ends meet, and have an overwhelming amount of debt, chances are it is because you are not bringing in enough income to cover all of your expenses. Part of the solution to this problem will be to reduce some of your spending and make cuts where possible. However, another important part of the solutions will be to find viable ways to bring more income into the household. Not only will this help pay off your current debt, but it will help you avoid debt in the future. Not every example is for everyone but the ideas are practical and do work!

Below is a look at some great money making ideas to help you avoid borrowing.

Get a Part-Time Job
One of the best ways to bring more money into the home, it is to get a part-time job. Working just a few extra hours each week, may provide the additional income you need to make ends meet. Many companies hire employee on a part-time basis for evenings or weekends that may allow you to fit these hours into your schedule. Seasonal jobs are a great way to earn cash.

Sell Your Services
If you have a special skill or expertise, use this to your advantage. You can sell these services and make some extra money. For example, you can offer house sitting, babysitting, dog walking, tutoring, music lessons, or any other service. You can advertise in your local newspaper and on your social media sites. You will be surprised how many people are willing to pay for these services. This can become a gold mine as once you find a niche, you can start to receive a lot of referral business!

Make Goods to Sell
You can also make goods to sell for extra money. People are willing to purchase all types of goods, such as jewellery, knick-knacks, and holiday decorations. You can post pictures of your goods online for purchase, go to craft shows in your local area to sell your goods, or partner with a local retail store that is willing to sell you goods for a small fee. This is great for the creative types or those who just have a great idea and can fill a niche.

Start Your Own Side Business
You can turn any of the special services or goods you have to offer into a part-time side business. Start your own website detailing that services you offer and do some advertising. You may be surprise how quickly your business will grow and just how much money you can bring in each month. Look into affiliate marketing, it may be easier than you think.

Have a Yard Sale
One of the best ways to make money quickly is to have a yard sale. Sort through things in your home, include housewares, clothing, toys and furniture, and determine what things you have not used in a long time or no longer need. Rather than have these items cluttering up your home, you can sell them all at a yard sale and make some extra money quickly.

Work Online
There are also many opportunities to work online and make some extra cash. This may include freelance services, such as web design, bookkeeping services, or simple tasks such as completing surveys, data entry or joining a forum. If you choose to work online, be very careful that you find a reputable company to work with and be very leery to offer any of your personal information. It is best to receive you payment through a secure location, such as PayPal, rather than to provide your banking information. Networks that offer escrow are generally safe as money for payment is first verified and then held by a third party until the job is complete at which point it is released to you.

Any of these methods listed above will help you bring some additional income into your household. This will help you pay all of your monthly bills and still have money left to put into a savings account. This savings account is crucial because it will provide the extra funds you need to fall back on in case of an emergency. This will avoid obtaining a loan to cover these expenses.


  1. Great ideas!Starting your own business is a great idea, and the grounds for this is that you control your time and budget.

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