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Making the Most of Your Truck

Making the Most of Your Truck | Side Hustles | Earn More MoneyA vehicle is an investment, even if it is one that quickly deprecates. Most of us know that there is not much to be said about resale value of cars, however, there is a lot of utility that can be squeezed out of it if it’s set up to deliver well.

While some people purchase trucks because they fit their lifestyle and their aesthetic, many of us end up buying them for a specific reason. It could be for hauling equipment for your construction company, bringing the RV along when you go for a road trip, or keeping your winnings in after a successful hunting trip. Even though trucks can be more expensive than the average vehicle, there are many added features that make this premium worthwhile. Using these features regularly ensures that you are making the most of your investment, even if it doesn’t directly translate into dollars and cents.

  1. Get a Hitch

If your truck didn’t already come with a hitch, it’s something to seriously consider adding to your vehicle. Put that big engine to use and start hauling anything that you put your mind to, like a horse trailer, a boat, or even a U-Haul attachment. No more paying over the moon for delivery, you can definitely handle that yourself with all the extra room you could add. Buy or rent any additions that you need, from a flatbed trailer to a pop-up camper for cheaper accommodation during your next vacation.

  1. Consider Getting a Body

A body for your truck massively expands its value, as now you can give it all the functions that a utility van has but with better access, more horsepower, and more options. Keep your tools secure and away from the elements, customize it as you need it, and the best part is that you can install or remove the body from your truck within a few minutes. This way you can have a more ergonomic, versatile solution for storage without having to switch vehicles.

  1. Use it for Your Business

There are many businesses that use pickup trucks as an everyday vehicle, from surveyors, to landscapers, and even engineering or architecture firms. A nice big truck is a great place to slap a business decal and have it pulling its weight in your everyday work. The great thing about having it as a work vehicle is that you can write it off, at least partially, as a business expense and then keep track of your mileage as an expenditure as well. By using it for your business, you can keep the costs down while possibly increasing your client or job capacity, capturing a greater profit.

  1. Buy a Plow

If you live in an area that gets regular snow fall, you’ll understand the value in having your own little plow. Not only will you not have to wait for municipal services to get to your street or your parking lot, you can even pick up a couple of contracts for private snow removal. There are plenty of private lots adjunct to small apartments buildings, private stores, or even small industrial businesses that pay contractors to clear the snow as needed. It’s a relatively easy way to make some extra money in the winter and all it takes is a couple of extra hours a day after a snowstorm comes through. Consider it, it might even be a good alternative for a landscaping business with little to do in the winter.

Yes, it’s true that trucks can be expensive. However, if you put your truck to work and use it to its maximum potential, you might find that it’s your smartest investment yet!


  1. Nice ideas! I’ve always hated bodies/toppers, etc but I’ve been seriously considering one lately for all the reasons you mention 🙂

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