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Keep Your Menus Fresh

Running a restaurant means that you have a few dishes that you are known for. Who knows, you may have gotten in the business to capitalize on your grandmother’s famous chili recipe, but chances are high that you have a few signature dishes that keep visitors coming back. But what about those other dishes? The less popular ones? Do you keep those dishes on your menu even though they don’t sell, or do you change it up with fresh creations? If you have a chef and kitchen staff that is willing to take risks, then you may be changing the menu frequently. If that’s the case, then there are a few things to keep in mind.

No matter what, everyone has a favorite dish. Instead of permanently banishing an item, it may be a good idea to put it into a rotation with other dishes. That way, when a customer arrives and asks for it, you can let them know that you will have it back shortly. You could determine the rotation based on seasonal dishes, or what ingredients are readily available throughout the year. No matter what you choose, be sure to notify customers of the changes to avoid any confusion. It may not be a bad idea to keep some ingredients on hand to make old favorites, but you then run the risk of trying to appease everyone who wants a non-menu item. It may be best to leave it up to your head chef and kitchen staff.

If you do decide to change your menu, then you will need to find a way to introduce these items to your customers. An obvious suggestion would be to redo your entire menu. While this could work, it may come with an increased cost for materials and take valuable time away from your staff. If you opt for another way, a great option is to add pages to your existing menu. These extra pages can be bought from a distributor like Restaurant Discount Warehouse at a low price. You can also use these pages over and over again, without having to buy more in the future. Restaurant Discount Warehouse also has a great selection of Menu Covers.

Running a restaurant means that you have to be flexible. Keeping your menu fresh is one way to stay flexible and one that will keep your patrons coming back for more.

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