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Cyprus has sent its representatives to the casinos of Las Vegas

Trip to Las Vegas, center of the gambling industry in the world, was confirmed by the Assistant of the President of the country. The main purpose of this trip is to meet with the Heads of the biggest and best casinos of the city, which could successfully organize their branches in Cyprus. During the visit, officials from Cyprus tried to find out the interest of the American casino owners in investing in new branches in Cyprus.


Costas Petrides and a number of other officials in Cyprus have received no meaningful response from the owners of Las Vegas casinos. Although, according to the representatives of Cyprus, the Americans have some interest in the construction of a live casino center in Cyprus. No promises were given, so the trip to Las Vegas can be called ineffective.

A visit to Las Vegas can only mean one thing – Cyprus intends to develop a tourist and gambling business. Representatives of the American sides want the local authorities of the island to fulfill the conditions of international creditors. Once they are sure of this, it is possible to continue further discussion on the construction of an entertainment venue.

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