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Things to Consider Before Building Your Dream Home

Nothing is quite as exciting, or quite as stressing, as finally building your dream home. Being at the point in your life to finally build a house that is made for you and your family is quite the undertaking. The process will usually bring your family closer together or drive them farther apart. Let’s hope […]

Ways to Enhance Safety in the Mining Industry

There is no doubt that the mining industry is hazardous. Regardless of their size, all mining companies embrace effective measures to ensure workplace safety and prevent accidents. Behind the expansion of underground mining, safety plays an important role. Special emphasis should be given on this irrespective of the number of personnel the firm comprises of. […]

Making the Most of Your Multi-Unit Rental Property

Rental properties are a good, steady source of income, especially if the building itself is in good condition and the tenants are responsible and respectful. Paying off the mortgage with the rent money and then just waiting for the equity to grow is something that a lot of people are taking advantage of. However, there […]

Property Manager Problems!

I’ve been pretty vocal and transparent regarding the two investment properties I purchased this year. Both are condo’s, one located about 30 minutes from my house, and the other is over 1,000 miles away on the Gulf Coast in sunny Florida! First, let me say that I am not overly impressed with either property management […]

I Have the Rental Property Bug

Awhile back you may remember that I purchased my first rental property. This was a HUGE step for me! Traditionally I had always thought that equity investing (i.e. stocks) was the way to go. I figured if I could keep compounding my investments into dividend paying stocks, over the years I could all but guarantee […]