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Three Ways to Repair Your Credit Now

If you have applied for a home mortgage, auto/personal loan, or even a credit card you know that the best rates available are only granted to those with the best credit scores.  Depending on the size of the purchase, you could be throwing hundreds of extra money towards interest each month just because of past […]

Is Retiring Abroad Financially Feasible for You?

Maybe you’re so fed up with the way of life you know, you’ve been considering turning everything on its head by retiring as an expatriate. Even if your retirement is still several decades away, there are numerous things to do if you’re thinking seriously about retiring in another country. Track Exchange Rates Although this is […]

Live on One Income to Reach Financial Independence

This post is brought to by Pauline of Financial independence is defined as that moment where your investments generate enough dividends, or passive income, for you not to have to work anymore. That point, to many investors, is attained when you can live on 4% of the value of your nest egg. Calculations have shown […]

Why Vacations are Necessary

This past week I went on vacation and it was awesome! The places we traveled were not the most luxurious or extravagant, but the time spent being away from work and the everyday life stressors is what made it so great. Spending a week with my husband and friends of course the best was the […]

Gift Giving and Invitation Etiquette

For some reason my family always comes to me with questions about proper etiquette for gift giving. It could be a high school graduation gift, wedding gift, baby shower present, or Christmas gift for a coworker, either way, I feel like I am always getting asked questions about what is the proper gift for the […]