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4 Questions to Ask When You Are Thinking About Buying an A3 Printer

These days, printers come in all kinds of specs and it is not surprising why the a3 printer for office came into existence given the fact that there are business entities that require this machine. Just like any major decision to purchase an asset, you have to think about several questions before you finalize your […]

The Two Job Town

I recently made contact with a fellow blogger, he is one of our neighbors to the north (Canadian!). Anyways, he has had an interesting struggle to free himself from the confines of debt…and I thought this portion of his story in particular might be of interest to all you. He will be weighing in on […]

Finding The Best Loan for You

If you want to take out a loan then it’s important that you know what you need and what it is that you are looking for. There are of course many different types of loans available on the market, and here is a run-down of the main types so you know your options. Open and […]

Have You Ever Tried Negotiating Your Bills Down?

The concept of bill negotiation is quite simple, you take all of your monthly bills and expenses, call the corresponding company for each bill and try to negotiate the monthly payments down. Have you ever tried this? I have, but I hadn’t really thought about it in a long time, until two things came up […]

5 Things You Should be Renting Instead of Buying!

People spend money like fish swim in the water, it just comes natural to them, they don’t think twice about it. I can see my monthly credit card bill to figure that doozy out. But how much money do you think people spend on crap that they don’t need? Better yet, how much money do […]