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Selling Your Home Without a Realtor

  On a side note, I have updated this article a bit to reflect a current annoyance I had with a real estate agent just this past weekend, and to promote the ease with which you can handle real estate transactions on your own, and without the use of a realtor. Far too many are […]

Should You Move Yourself Or Hire Movers?

Should you move yourself or pay a moving company to help you move? It’s a question often asked by people who want to relocate. Although it’s a simple enough question, the answer is far from simple. On one hand, the professional assistance of a moving company can make the whole move far less arduous. On […]

Is Eating Healthy as Expensive as We Think?

  This article is brought to by Inci Hillawi, a friend and fellow blogger, over at Bella’s Apron   When you hear the words organic, gluten-free, GMO free, you think dollar signs.  Buying those labeled foods can be more expensive and might raise the bill at the grocery store.  Why you ask?  Well, healthier foods […]

The Chaos Theory & How It Affects Your Finances

Few of us are well versed in chaos theory or the branch of mathematics that studies and predicts the outcomes of unpredictable systems. But you’ll have heard of its most famous lesson: the butterfly effect. Not just a poorly made movie starring Ashton Kutcher, the lesson describes how the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in […]

Deciding On When it Makes Sense to Pay Someone to Do Something

When we are focused on saving money, it can become extremely easy to forget to value ourselves and our time. By doing things ourselves, we find that we can avoid paying a professional or expert to do it, therefore fitting our dream budget a bit better. However, though this train of thought is logical, we […]