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Job Hunting? Consider More Than Just the Salary

I’m a finance professional by day, and blogger by night. In the ten years since I graduated from college, with my bachelors degree anyways,  I have worked at four different companies. Some would call that job hopping, but if you are familiar with the metro Detroit area and all the financial turmoil that has happened […]

The Real Costs of a Good Education

A good education was supposed to be a path to a successful career. It often still is but there is a disturbing reality that may well persuade more intelligent teenagers that they are taking on unnecessary debts in order to earn that little piece of paper that confirms their graduation. Fairly recent figures suggest that […]

Leaving The Rat Race Behind With Investment Properties

One of the most effective ways to build wealth is to invest in real estate that you can make money off of every month for the rest of your life. Of course this is not a new strategy, as it’s something that millionaires, business moguls and everyday people do to create financial freedom. And while […]

Really Awesome Way to Save Money on Airfare

I’ve been traveling a lot more lately, at least more often than I am used to. Outside of work I typically book maybe one or two flights a year, but in the past year and a half I have probably book about a dozen flights. Between weddings, bachelor parties, trips with the in-laws, etc., I […]

Warning: Your interest in this article may go down as well as up

We’ve talked about setting up a brokerage account before but what if there was a way to mobilise your market insight in a way that didn’t involve any brokerage fees at all? That would be an idea worth pursuing, right? And if there were no tax implications either – none at all – that might […]