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Funny cats are not what the internet was meant to be used for!

First of all, let me present myself. I am a 30 plus individual with a strong affinity for technology, especially computers. The first computer I have ever met was a ZX81 Spectrum – a machine that was new at the time. I used it at school to write programs and to play – I consider […]

Saving for College: The Lowdown on 529 Accounts

College Fund

According to CNN Money, student debt in the U.S. now totals $1.2 trillion, which is up 84 percent from 2008 levels. About 40 million Americans have student loan debt, and the average amount of debt is $29,000 per person. Unemployment is high among new graduates with bachelor’s degrees, which makes it even tougher to handle […]

Having a Pet is Hard Work and Costs Some Serious Money!


Admittedly it’s been quite awhile since I had a personal post on here. My day job has been overly hectic, long hours and underappreciated, but aren’t we all?? I feel like I haven’t slept in weeks! Most of that is a result of the long hours I’ve been putting in, but a little part of […]

Why the benefits of a degree make the cost of higher education worth it


Attending a higher education institution and graduating with a degree can be one of the most enjoyable, rewarding and gratifying experiences you’ll ever have. For many young people, going to university is all about socialising, partying and not much sleeping. However, alongside a few lessons in life and love, they’ll also leave with a top-class […]

How Much Did BillCutterz Save Me?


You may remember that I wrote a post a couple months back about negotiating your bills down. The concept is simple, you call all of your monthly providers and get them to reduce their monthly rates to you. It’s really easy, and even if you’re the shy type it’s all over the phone (and sometimes online chat even) […]