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Warning: Your interest in this article may go down as well as up

We’ve talked about setting up a brokerage account before but what if there was a way to mobilise your market insight in a way that didn’t involve any brokerage fees at all? That would be an idea worth pursuing, right? And if there were no tax implications either – none at all – that might […]

Barcode Scanners and Why You Need Them

The biggest advance in technology for small business owners is the Apple iPad and compatible hardware. This device has provided small businesses to tools that were previously only used by big corporations and national chains. Barcodes can easily be implemented into a business to help with tracking inventory and processing sales, both at point-of-sale cash […]

Self-Employment Is Not For Everyone

Over the past year I’ve realized that my readers are divided into two different factions. We have one side that routinely faces financial hardship and is typically living paycheck to paycheck, while the other side is more focused on self-employment and starting their own business. I’ve gathered this knowledge based on comments as well as […]

Selecting a POS System for Your Business

The point-of-sale (POS) system is an indispensable part of any business. Nowadays, modern POS systems are available in a vast range of options at different price points from the traditional desktop or cash register to mobile POS devices such as iPads and smartphones. On the side of software, there are also plenty of choices from […]

Funny cats are not what the internet was meant to be used for!

First of all, let me present myself. I am a 30 plus individual with a strong affinity for technology, especially computers. The first computer I have ever met was a ZX81 Spectrum – a machine that was new at the time. I used it at school to write programs and to play – I consider […]