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Locavesting Can Make You Serious Money

I’ve used this site as a platform to educate you on ways to make money, invest money, and save money. Today’s topic, locavesting, is a combination of investing and making some extra cash! I’ve been hearing more and more about this topic over the last year as communities and small business owners alike, try to […]

Why You Need to Start Investing in Dividend Stocks


People often spend a ton of time researching how to invest their money. I’m by no means a licensed professional, but I do know enough that I don’t think you should waste your money on a financial adviser. There are plenty of online tools available that can help you figure out your appropriate investment allocation. […]

Before You Borrow: Details to Mind Before Taking Out a Loan

There are a lot of reasons to borrow money. Perhaps you’re trying to consolidate your debt. Perhaps you’re trying to buy a car. Perhaps you’re trying to send a kid to college. Maybe you’re facing some expensive home repairs. Maybe you’re trying to start a new or a side business. Whatever the reason, it is […]

Easy Ways to Increase Your Wealth

People often assume that you have to either drastically cut your expenses, or find new and inventive ways to increase your income in order to have more money. That is simply untrue. While it certainly helps to make more money and to stop frivolous spending, there are a couple key financial moves you can make […]

This is Why Optimists Make Better Leaders

Everything from philosophical studies about optimism to scientific experiments show that a person who is optimistic will live longer and be healthier than a person who is not. Good leaders, like Bob Bratt, know that in order to do their job effectively, they have to be optimistic. Why will this guarantee your success? Read on […]