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Easy Ways to Increase Your Wealth

People often assume that you have to either drastically cut your expenses, or find new and inventive ways to increase your income in order to have more money. That is simply untrue. While it certainly helps to make more money and to stop frivolous spending, there are a couple key financial moves you can make […]

This is Why Optimists Make Better Leaders

Everything from philosophical studies about optimism to scientific experiments show that a person who is optimistic will live longer and be healthier than a person who is not. Good leaders, like Bob Bratt, know that in order to do their job effectively, they have to be optimistic. Why will this guarantee your success? Read on […]

How I Made $200,000 Blogging!

I’ve explained before how I was laid off from my job back in 2010, and it totally changed my perspective on life. I always figured I was young, promotable, and even in the most dire circumstances any company would keep me even when shrinking the rest of their workforce. I guess that was my ego […]

I Want to Play in the World Series of Poker!

For years I have had an obsession with card games! I’ve always found blackjack to be addicting, and since it provides the best odds in the house it has generally paid off well for me. The only problem is that the game is so static. Meaning, there are predetermined rules for what cards to play […]

Smart Ways to Save on Health Care

The cost of living in America seems to rise daily. Although health insurance is now mandatory for all and ensures quality of care, it doesn’t mean Americans can afford the extra expense. And, if you have a family member that needs constant care, the list of doctors’ visits and prescription costs can seem endless. So […]