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A Sensible Approach to Back-to-School Shopping

I was just having a conversation the other day with my co-workers regarding the back-to-school shopping craze. They all have pint-sized children of varying ages, and the common theme seems to be a weekend dedicated to shopping for school supplies, and school clothes. I don’t know if these kids only own white clothes and they are trying […]

Having Adequate Health Insurance is Critical

There are so many different types of insurance out there it’s hard to imagine we need all of that coverage. I have home, health, auto, umbrella, and life insurance! I once did any analysis of how much money I spend in one year on insurance and the amount was staggering to say the least. This […]

The Two Job Town

I recently made contact with a fellow blogger, he is one of our neighbors to the north (Canadian!). Anyways, he has had an interesting struggle to free himself from the confines of debt…and I thought this portion of his story in particular might be of interest to all you. He will be weighing in on […]

Where do US students go for vacation?


During summer at the end of school term, US students get exhilarated with the prospects of travelling to a great vacational destination where they can make the most of the school break. Different students have variant choices for the best destination for holiday; however, there are particular places that lure most US students, one of […]

5 Things You Should be Renting Instead of Buying!

People spend money like fish swim in the water, it just comes natural to them, they don’t think twice about it. I can see my monthly credit card bill to figure that doozy out. But how much money do you think people spend on crap that they don’t need? Better yet, how much money do […]