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Ahh Those Sneaky Insurance Companies!

Although the first place you might look for grocery coupons is your Sunday newspaper, you might also want to look in your mailbox.  The reason is because many insurance companies have begun sending their customers food coupons in order to incentivize them to eat healthier. Evidence seems to point to it working also, as in […]

Effective time management strategies for your business

When you start a business you know that you’ll be taking on a wide range of roles other than the one you actually specialise in. Being your own accountant, office manager, sales rep and stock control buyer are all likely to take up some of your working day no matter what kind of business you […]

Unexpected Health Risks of a Bad Night’s Sleep

Several ill effects of a lack of sleep are well-documented. From feeling out of sorts to being short-tempered, the common side effects of sleep deprivation will come as no surprise. However, in addition to the obvious symptoms, regular poor sleeping patterns can also put you at risk of more profound health problems. So much so, […]

Home Renovation Losses | The Worst DIY Home Remodeling Investments

If you are planning any renovations in your home soon (check out GotStock to find out more), then be aware that there are loads of DIY homeowners who fail to ever see the increases in appraisal values they are hoping for. In fact, there are so many times when a homeowner attempts DIY home improvements, […]

How to Keep Your Kids From Ruining Their Electronics


When my oldest daughter turned thirteen, I gave her her first cell phone. She lost it within a week. Later that year, she tried to download the Katy Perry movie, and instead introduced a virus onto our family computer that wiped it flat. (She thought I wouldn’t notice that she was downloading pirated movies onto […]