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Quality over Quantity – Applying the Trade off to Everyday Life

You’re standing in the grocery store aisle looking at the selection of paper towels and you can’t quite wrap your mind around how some are more than twice as expensive as the cheapest brand. Is there even a difference? If you have ever had a spill or a kitchen emergency, you might have experienced the […]

Ways to Enhance Safety in the Mining Industry

There is no doubt that the mining industry is hazardous. Regardless of their size, all mining companies embrace effective measures to ensure workplace safety and prevent accidents. Behind the expansion of underground mining, safety plays an important role. Special emphasis should be given on this irrespective of the number of personnel the firm comprises of. […]

Saving Money On Your Move

Moving can be a very expensive proposition. There are moving costs like truck rental, charges to connect utilities, and hidden costs like broken or damaged belongings that don’t survive the move. Long-term, you may also be moving from a low-value housing market to a higher one, meaning you’ll either increase your mortgage payment or decrease […]

5 Tricks Millennials Use that You Can Too

Though many bemoan the poor fate of millennials with a limited job market, overqualified people taking on meaningless jobs, and the inability to secure a wage that could support a family, millennials actually have a lot going for them. Apart from the part that many of them have achieved higher education, have interesting passions, and […]

Consumable Gifts That You’ll Love Giving and You’d Love Getting

It’s easy for Christmas to become a chance to collect useless clutter, especially as we also usually reciprocate with similar things. However, it’s time to change the culture in your circle of friends. Put your foot down and stick to your guns as you develop a theme for this year’s gifts: consumables When you give […]