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6 Reasons Accounting is a Great Job for Single Parents


In this strained economy with the job market moving too slow for many to stay employed, it might be a great time to get a college education. A Master’s degree in accounting can be achieved online. Also, there are ample “work from home” opportunities offering above average pay for those struggling to make ends meet. The […]

Getting Organized for the Greens


The best golfers have poise, discipline and finesse. I believe that a person’s organizational prowess can also have a major impact on their game and also says a lot about that person’s ability to organize in other areas. As a single dad, organization is a mantra in my life. And while I’m constantly focused on […]

Self-Employment Is Not For Everyone

Over the past year I’ve realized that my readers are divided into two different factions. We have one side that routinely faces financial hardship and is typically living paycheck to paycheck, while the other side is more focused on self-employment and starting their own business. I’ve gathered this knowledge based on comments as well as […]

Protecting Your Family and Community the Charitable Way


America is still the melting pot of the world, but unfortunately, instead of melting together, many groups band together to work against everyone else. American gangs come in many shapes and sizes and include such classifications as prison gangs, motorcycle gangs, and, sadly, youth gangs. For many urban youth, gangs are they only way they […]

How to Reduce Your Moving Costs

We’ve talked before about the different things that you can do to save up for a down payment on a home. Today we’re going to talk about some of the things that you can do to reduce the cost of moving into that home once that home is yours. After all, why pay more than […]