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4 Ways to Protect your Valuable Belongings and Your Family

Many people keep most of their valuable items in their home, so you’ll want to be sure to keep it secure. The FBI states 60.5% of burglaries involved forced entry.  It’s essential that you work to keep your property safe and there are a variety of ways you can accomplish this. Taking time to explore […]

The Rights and Entitlements of Fliers

Frank Sinatra sang about flying to the moon and playing among the stars. I’m not sure how long a flight like that would take, but it is probably shorter than my last flight delay. Traveling by airplane can be a huge inconvenience. If everything goes well, crossing the country by plane can save you a […]

Careers – 5 Traits of a Good Accountant

Accountancy is a challenging field where small details being overlooked can have a great impact on businesses and individuals, including legal or financial ramifications. Knowing the traits of a good accountant is important if you are considering the career path or looking to employ an accountant for your business, as accountancy can often be the […]

Personal Injuries: What to Do When You’ve Been Injured

Accidents happen when you least expect it. You’re driving home from a hard day of work and a driver not paying attention rear-ends you causing a six-car pile-up. Or you’re in a store and slip and fall because the store owner neglected to clean up the mess on aisle two. Perhaps you’re home jamming to […]

Insurance Coverage You Should Never Do Without

Saving money is chic, but being uninsured is not, especially if you get into an accident. Here’s another chic fact you might not have taken into account, however, and that is you need more than just auto insurance coverage. Even if you’re renting your residence and don’t have a significant other, going uninsured can have […]