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Creating a Summer Oasis

Memories and moments in time are so valuable if life and knowing that summertime, lake parties, and bon fires are just around the corner, is making  getting through the long work week that much easier for me this spring.  I have started to research and shop for items to create my own summertime oasis because, […]

Nothing Says Spring like Craft Cocktails and Appetizers

The following article is brought to you by So Over This’ newest staff writer, Lindsay Z.! She will be providing regular content, 4x a month. This site needs to get back a bit more to a woman’s perspective. You will still see regular content from me, and of course our monthly income update:   Forget […]

Fitting Extracurricular Activities into an Already Tight Budget

Here’s the truth: kids are expensive. They need clothes and food and shelter and school supplies and toys and books and an education and on and on. And, when you are a single parent, 100% of that financial responsibility falls on your shoulders. Unless you have lucked into a six figure income, you are likely […]

Inkjet or Laser? Which is Best for Your Business?

Up until recently, the choice between inkjet and laser printers was easy– you knew exactly what you’d get with each one. For photos and high-quality home printing you’d opt for inkjet, and for high-volume, fast printing you’d choose laser. Now, however, the lines are blurred and laser printers are moving into homes and inkjets are […]

Vacation Planning on a Budget

There is a lot that goes into planning a vacation and budgeting for the occasion.  Some items are due at the time of purchase, such as flights and theatre tickets, but other items are not due until you check-in or out such as your hotel and rental car.  If you are planning to drive on […]