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Relocating On a Tight Budget: Tips To Make Your Move Easier

Moving is a hassle for most people, but it can be a stressful time for low budget families. If you find yourself having to move during a time when you might be facing financial hardships, try not to stress too much because there are ways you can save money on your moving expenses. Moving on […]

4 of the Most Common Scams People Fall for Every Day

For about the first week the Internet was a relatively safe place where chat rooms were the big draw. Then scammers realized they could make a quick buck by scamming people while hiding behind their computer screen. Of course, scams aren’t restricted to online, but that’s where most of them seem to occur these days. […]

Mother’s Day Brunch with the Help of a Dollar Store

I love to plan a great party and most of my friends think I’m really good at it too.  From the decorations, invitations, and food to the best cocktails in town, party planning is definitely my thing.  I have been planning parties for my friends and family for about seven years and I have gotten […]

Ways to Save Money when Planning a Bridal or Baby Shower

It seems like this time of year I am bombarded with attending bridal and baby showers every weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends but these showers can be such a bore.  Recently one of my friends was complaining about how much here baby shower was going to cost her and her husband, […]

Applying for Mortgage for the first time: Is it that difficult?

If you are obtaining a mortgage for the first time then applying for the loan might seem like a daunting task to start off with. However, with due guidance from experts, you will be able to perceive things more easily. It’s certain that nobody will come to your doorstep to sell you the home loan. […]