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Electricity Assistance for Homeowners: All About the Warm Home Discount Scheme

When the weather starts to turn, and the snow flies, it’s time to bundle up. But, indoors? Sure, you can turn up the heat, but then you might not be able to afford your energy bill. What you might not know is that you may qualify for help under the Warm Home Discount Scheme. So, […]

Cohabitation Rights: When Home Owners Separate

There is quite a marked difference to living together as a married couple and cohabiting, particularly when it comes to going your separate ways and working out what to do with a property. A finance divorce settlement needs to be reached by not just married couples but any couples who have been sharing a home […]

Tips for Moving on a Rainy Day

Texas is a state known for its high temperatures and general good weather. Nevertheless, you’ve gotten lucky and it’s pouring down with the rain on the day you move. There’s no denying moving on a rainy day is tougher than moving in fine weather. Nevertheless, you don’t have to cancel or postpone anything. We’re going […]

How to Save Money While Losing Weight

The holidays season is all about love, giving, joy and food – lots and lots of food. With all the parties left and right, it’s no wonder waistlines balloon up to Santa Claus proportions after the holidays. People will then buy all sorts of fitness gadgets and sign up for a gym membership or pilates […]

Your Best Investment. Ever.

Your next investment shouldn’t be restricted to buying stocks or looking for the next trendy Kickstarter project to back. At its core, to invest is to believe and hope you get a favorable return, regardless if you invested your time, money or both. Imagine what will happen if you invest in a cause worth your […]