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How music could turn into a big surprise

Classic music is widely believed to bring numerous benefits for those who listen and perform. The modern movements include not only musical technique improvement. As well, some credit is given to music therapy as the alternative medicine that makes it possible to treat various diseases. Lessons where students learn how to play piano have become […]

Money Vs Mirrors: life that shines brightly

There was a British proverb saying that breaking a mirror means seven years of bad luck. The origination of this wise saw lied in the following fact. In the ancient times mirrors cost so much that house owners should have saved money for seven years to buy a new item. Has this situation changed as […]

How to invest wisely into your teeth

Perhaps, each of you has ever heard the numerous stories of your mates how their teeth cost them a fortune. The dental industry has overgrown with the legends. Sometimes the price of expensive teeth treatment in the private clinics makes people postpone the visit to the doctor. However, which consequences could such neglect of health […]

Business recessions: how to defend your company from crisis

Crisis is the essential part of our lives. We experience it while getting in touch with friends, building families, bringing up children, and setting up business. All of us remember the amazing and promising beginnings when we have been full of dreams and unbelievable expectation. However, once our world seems to start shivering, and we […]

Quality over Quantity – Applying the Trade off to Everyday Life

You’re standing in the grocery store aisle looking at the selection of paper towels and you can’t quite wrap your mind around how some are more than twice as expensive as the cheapest brand. Is there even a difference? If you have ever had a spill or a kitchen emergency, you might have experienced the […]