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Cutting Life’s Legal Expenses

Paying attorneys ranks right up there with paying plumbers and mechanics for most people. They dread being blindsided with the need for these expensive services. Although these three examples are from different worlds, they are very similar in one key way: expensive as they are, they are also indispensable. But that doesn’t mean you have to […]

Why it is so Important to Love What You Do


In today’s day and age, many people get caught in the ‘corporate cage’ and find themselves living unfulfilling lives. They’re in jobs they’re not passionate about, work extremely long hours and find that they have no time to invest in the things that they love – some have even forgotten what it is that they love […]

I Quit My Job!

Perhaps a few of you are familiar with a post I wrote awhile back about wage theft. It was about whether or not salaried workers should get paid overtime or not. I know there is a whole camp of hourly workers that automatically assume that salary employees are high wage earners that far surpass them […]

Divorce: It’s More Expensive than You Think

How much is a good divorce? In a no fault divorce, you can file the papers for $200 or less. It mostly depends on how much money your county thinks it can gouge you for the service. Technically, there is no reason for it to cost anything at all. Whatever price you pay for filing […]

Going Back to School as a Single Parent: Erasing Inner Concerns

  The following is a post from my friend Jenna on her experience as a single parent and going back to school!   “Being a single parent makes obtaining your educational/career goals impossible.” You don’t know how many times I’ve heard statements such as this. While I do agree that having children can make life […]