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Divorce: It’s More Expensive than You Think

How much is a good divorce? In a no fault divorce, you can file the papers for $200 or less. It mostly depends on how much money your county thinks it can gouge you for the service. Technically, there is no reason for it to cost anything at all. Whatever price you pay for filing […]

Going Back to School as a Single Parent: Erasing Inner Concerns

  The following is a post from my friend Jenna on her experience as a single parent and going back to school!   “Being a single parent makes obtaining your educational/career goals impossible.” You don’t know how many times I’ve heard statements such as this. While I do agree that having children can make life […]

Selling Your Home Without a Realtor

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As technology continues to improve at an almost exponential rate, it’s inevitable that some changes are going to accompany that. Some jobs are simply becoming obsolete. With the prevalence of email today we are seeing less and less of a need for physical mail delivery. Remember those old 1950’s tv shows where they would show […]

The New Version of “The Talk”: Speaking to Kids about Internet Use

As a parent, it can be scary to see your kids continue to grow and with each passing year feel your grip loosening. Thinking of kids faring in the real world is no sweet dream, but it’s bound to happen sooner or later. You can’t keep your kids sheltered forever. The internet is the first […]

Job Hunting? Consider More Than Just the Salary

I’m a finance professional by day, and blogger by night. In the ten years since I graduated from college, with my bachelors degree anyways,  I have worked at four different companies. Some would call that job hopping, but if you are familiar with the metro Detroit area and all the financial turmoil that has happened […]