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Job Hunting? Consider More Than Just the Salary

I’m a finance professional by day, and blogger by night. In the ten years since I graduated from college, with my bachelors degree anyways,  I have worked at four different companies. Some would call that job hopping, but if you are familiar with the metro Detroit area and all the financial turmoil that has happened […]

5 Creative Baby Shower Gifts

Who doesn’t love baby showers?  There’s so much anticipation for the new baby.  It’s fun seeing the mother’s pregnant belly and hearing how excitedly she anticipates the baby.  I love to watch the mom open the gifts because they remind me of all the best baby gadgets, toys, and gear that I received and used […]

Five wrong reasons for a career change

quit job

A new job may sound very exciting, lucrative and may come in as a strong boost for your self-confidence. But are you sure that you have made the right choice? Has this job shift been the right move towards what you want to achieve in the long run? While professionals generally look for a job […]

6 Reasons Accounting is a Great Job for Single Parents


In this strained economy with the job market moving too slow for many to stay employed, it might be a great time to get a college education. A Master’s degree in accounting can be achieved online. Also, there are ample “work from home” opportunities offering above average pay for those struggling to make ends meet. The […]

Getting Organized for the Greens


The best golfers have poise, discipline and finesse. I believe that a person’s organizational prowess can also have a major impact on their game and also says a lot about that person’s ability to organize in other areas. As a single dad, organization is a mantra in my life. And while I’m constantly focused on […]