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How to Prepare Kids to Handle Finances

When it comes to passing down wisdom to our children, money should be part of the ongoing conversations in making good life decisions.  Whether you have money or not, there has been a path that has lead you there, so it is good to explain the choices that you made, and what you can recommend […]

Will Bitcoin Rise Above the $2,500 Mark Again?

Bitcoin, the ever-popular cryptocurrency, can be a volatile asset to trade. Many traders opt to use capital protection tools such as stop-loss orders to help prevent or limit losses, safeguarding their funds. But despite the risks associated with Bitcoin, it remains a popular asset and is the most traded cryptocurrency in the world. To invest […]

Smart Ways to Get Finances on Track

Holding down the finances is no easy task, probably why most Americans are in debt.  Now that is a very vague statement, and each situation is different, but I would seriously doubt that most are watching every dollar that comes in and goes out, to ensure minimum spending and maximum saving.  If that were the […]

What to Look for When Buying Car Insurance

Whether you have had a car for a while and are looking for a deal, or this is your first set of wheels, car insurance is a service that is mandated by the government in order to protect people, and in many cases property. However, it’s easy to get lost and tangled in the number […]

Items to Avoid Buying this Summer

The picture showing what summer vacation may have been like when you were a kid, or at least what it was like in your head.  The point is, summer can create lasting memories to have with your family, to pass down to your children.  Now unfortunately fun tends to come with opening up your wallet […]