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Archives for January 2013

Financial Guilt: Now with 40% More Shame!

You know, there are times when I sort of miss being a spendaholic. I have the opportunity to go on an amazing trip in a few months. I’ve been actively saving and planning for this trip, stalking airfare rates, and counting down the days until I get to escape from real life for awhile. I’ve […]

Link Love: Utter Exhaustion Edition

It has been absolutely forever since I did a link love post. Why? Because I do well to write my own blog posts lately, much less read and remember others. Pathetic but true. Still, this month has been kicking my butt so I’d much rather point you guys toward something worth reading for a change. […]

Why Broke People Drive Nice Cars

  Let’s be honest – we all know at least one of them. A person who is chronically broke. Someone who has a ton of debt, treats credit cards like free money, lives paycheck to paycheck…. Oh, and happens to own an expensive, late model car. The definition of “broke” is very subjective. To some, […]

Comcast: A Resolution

I never thought this day would come, but I¬†think,¬†almost 13 months to the day since my internet problems started, that everything is finally resolved. Part of me is afraid to say anything because I might jinx it. Another part of me doesn’t want to imply that Comcast is forgiven, because this situation should have been […]

Comcast: The Suck Continues

I started to write a big, long post to update you guys on everything that has happened with Comcast since my last update at the end of September. But then I realized it’s pointless. The details don’t matter because no one there wants to hear them, including Comcast. So instead, I will share the facts […]