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Archives for 2013

How to Properly Grow Your Wealth

Most people are under the illusion that as long as you save some money from every paycheck that you will one day be able to comfortable retire. That really couldn’t be further from the truth. Now I’m not advocating that you go out and spend, spend, spend…rather, I’m saying that simply stuffing your mattress full […]

Direction of this Blog, and Getting to Know Me

By now I’m sure the faithful have realized that this blog has taken on a considerably different tone in the last month or two.  Our fantastic blogger and friend, Andrea, has decided to take some time away from blogging to focus on other avenues of her life.  Her and I have had a professional relationship […]

Pros and Cons: Emergency Loan or Defer Bills

There is a big debate regarding if a person should defer their bills or take an emergency loan to cover the bills. Emergency loans are not meant to be long term financial solutions they are smaller loans for when you say “I need money fast & today” to get you through for a few weeks. […]

Does Being a Member Of The Bomb Squad Jive With Life Insurance?

Believe it, or not, many high-risk occupations do jive with life insurance companies – they just want significantly more buck for the bang. No pun intended. When you diffuse, dispose, and calibrate bombs for a living, life insurance is attainable, but it’s definitely going to cost you. When you need life insurance, or need more […]

The Beauty of Cruises for Single Parents

Brenda Hall was only 9 the first time she went on a year-long trip around the world with her parents. A couple decade later, it took a full-time job as local reporter for her to settle down in Detroit, Michigan. When home, she now can’t stop blogging about her discoveries around the world. Holidays are […]