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2011 Popular Posts

I can’t believe 2011 is over. I’ve already summed up the year from a personal point of view, but here’s a nifty infographic of So Over Debt’s 2011 popular posts, thanks to Shareaholic. Enjoy, and have a safe and fantabulous New Year!

2011 Year in Review

People say time goes by faster as you grow older, and I’m thinking they’re right. Maybe it’s because my life has been so full of chaos in 2011, but it seems wrong to be summing up the year so soon after it began. Oh well, I guess that makes me an old lady. Get off my […]

Budgets vs. Spending Plans

Lately I’ve noticed a ton of references to spending plans as opposed to budgets to keep track of where money goes. Since the word “budget” apparently has negative connotations, thinking of it as a “spending plan” is supposed to make us feel better about the fact that we’re paying attention to our finances. I won’t […]

So Now I Have to Get Mortgage Insurance?

This post was contributed by Genworth Financial. The good news is that I just finished paying off my college loans. The bad news is that my husband and I are about to buy a house – which means we can look forward to mortgage payments for the rest of our lives. All in all, this […]

Post-Christmas Randomness

Well, we survived the weekend with no fistfights, injuries, or mass murders. It’s kind of a blur, but overall we had a good Christmas with tons of food and family. Now that life is back to normal, here are a few updates on things that are going on: Zombie Medical Debt Remember when I got […]