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Taking Care of You the Way You Deserve

Healthcare in America is rising in cost every day, but that doesn’t mean you need to skimp on taking care of yourself. Routine physicals give you a heads up for what’s coming with your body, especially as you age into your thirties. Make sure you’re taking advantage of the healthcare you have, and that you’re aware of your options.

With careful planning and spending, you can afford a lot more than you might think. Here are some tips to take care of yourself the way only you know you deserve.

Avoid Cheap Sources for Medications

The internet offers a great source for pills that seem very cheap, but you might want to steer clear. For basic pills, where the risk is low, pills online can be ok. Especially if you know others who have ordered the same pill from the same provider.

However, be aware this market is unregulated. You might get a pill that isn’t pure or a mystery pill that can be hard to identify. Don’t hesitate to use a pill identifier online. These resources are often free, and they help save lives.

Instead, take the time to get a prescription from a licensed professional and avoid all of that risk. There are plenty of low-cost choices that are safer than ordering anonymously online.

Seek Out Credentials

Credentials might seem like what a nitpicky consumer hunts for, but they can make a difference. A cosmetic dentistry certification provides a lot more certainty to patients seeking a dental implant than a general dentist with good reviews.

A good rule of thumb is this: if surgery is involved, seek out a specialist. They may be more expensive, but you won’t pay down the line if there are complications.

Invest in Good Insurance

There are two ways to look at insurance. The first is buying low monthly insurance with a high deductible and trying to convince yourself you’ll save enough for a deductible if something ever happens. The second, smarter way to invest in health insurance is to buy a solid middle or high tier plan that has a more expensive monthly payment with a lower deductible.

These plans typically come with more hospital visits covered at a better rate and allow for specialist and physician visits to stay healthy. Preventative care shouldn’t cost you as much as never dealing with the problem.

That said, anyone with a growing family will feel the rising costs. Don’t feel like you need to lock yourself into a higher tier plan if you honestly can’t afford it.

Health Savings

One way to make sure you save for investment option one is to start a healthcare savings account. You buy the lower cost plan, then put tax-free savings into an account that is designed to pay for your health costs down the road.

These funds also roll over, so they may earn interest if they aren’t spent. Most banks will be able to accommodate you opening an HSA, so be sure to check this out if you’re wondering how to lower your monthly costs while staying healthy.

Final Thoughts

The basis for staying healthy is living a healthy lifestyle. Treat yourself to better, natural foods. Say no to fast food, yes to more nutrition and only “sometimes” to dessert. Medication is serious, so make sure you take every pill you’re prescribed. Especially if it’s an antibiotic.

Armed with an HSA, and a plan to stay healthy, you can give yourself the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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