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Fun but Practical Careers Which Will Make You Money

If there was no pressure to get a job in the field after, universities and colleges would be filled to the bring with students majoring in anything which could be fun to study. However, the reality is that many young adults and adults who choose to train themselves through additional schooling often do so as a way to means, with the final goal being a good job. But is this how we should be living? Putting ourselves through years of difficult education, thousands of dollars in tuition, all to have a life-long job that we don’t even really like but we know will bring us a steady income?

It’s time to change the equation and choose careers which will bring us joy throughout the training and the working process, and will concurrently provide a comfortable lifestyle.

Music Producer:

If the most important things in your life are your “beats”, you probably won’t be a happy and fulfilled accountant. Take your passion and use it to fuel a career as a music producer. You’ll be responsible for the technical aspect of music recording, production, and performance. Enroll in Music Production courses that are authored and taught by industry experts so that you learn not only the theoretical basics, but also get a feel of the industry as it exists right now.

Event Planner:

You love the ideas of coordinating caterers, decorators, entertainers, and more, and can’t help but want to take charge of your nephew’s bar mitzvah. You’re definitely an event planner at heart. Take advantage of your Type-A personality and help others put on events of all scales, from major gala fundraisers to a surprise baby shower for just the closest friends. Later you can choose to either work with an established company or open your own little business, but the most important thing is that you’ll be doing something you like and are good at.


With a growing restaurant culture, training to be a chef might not only make you a happy camper, it may be the source of a lot of happiness for the people in your dining room. If you have always had a passion for cooking, embrace your strengths and let people taste your love for what you do. Though the hours might be rough, the pay is good and you can definitely work your way up!

Early Childhood Education:

If you love little children and can’t imagine a day better spent than one nurturing their minds, a career in early childhood education might be in the stars for you. There’s less schooling than for an elementary school teacher, yet you get to shape these little people while having lots of fun. After a few years, if you have the means, you can open your own daycare and hire a couple of other ECEs to help you out.


We’re not referring to bartending as a student job on the weekends. We are referring to bartending as the art of mixing cocktails, carefully but artfully serving up drinks, and giving an excellent level of service which mirrors that of high-end restaurants, bars, and hotels. Apart from local regulations, bar tenders have a deep knowledge of glassware, flavors, textures, and techniques needed to do their job with finesse and flair. If you take this seriously as a career, not only will you be everyone’s favorite person in the room, you’ll be making very good money, both in pay and in tips.

Automotive Service Technician:

Do you love learning and talking about cars? Choose a workplace in which it is not only normal, it’s a requirement. Automotive service technicians have a hands-on training program including an apprenticeship which will prepare them to work in a service garage. If cars are great, but motorcycles are better, why not train for that specifically? Specialized mechanics can charge high rates for their services while loving the feeling of being an expert in the field.

It is possible to do something you love and make a living doing it. Sometimes it just takes some time and research to get it right.

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