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Advantages of a Humanized Approach to Online Beauty Product Sales

In ecommerce, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re selling and why. Only then can you effectively market your wares and design a website that converts. It’s crucial to truly comprehend people’s underlying motivations for buying your goods. That way, you can make sure your branding stays appealing and relevant over time.

For example, what does a shopper buying beauty products want? They have to trust the ingredients and the source. They also want products to solve specific problems, or create a strong visual effect.

So, there are advantages to adopting a humanized approach to online beauty product sales. Namely, consumers want to see their wants and needs echoed back to them by your brand’s messaging. Put it this way: Even though you’re selling cosmetics through a screen, it’s still advantageous to avoid the perception of being remote, clinical and generic. Consciously humanizing your online ecommerce store helps put shoppers at ease as they move through the purchasing funnel.

Once you’ve set a goal to humanize your online store, it’s time to ask yourself how. Consider these strategies for showcasing your brand identity and product lineup in a more human light.

Speaking to Your Target Audience

The rise of online shopping has forever altered the beauty landscape. And, millennial women, aged approximately 18 to 34, currently make up the largest portion of the $13 billion total market. That means savvy brands will consider what they’re seeking from a shopping and buying experience—then cater to it. Hint: The more personalized, the more impactful it is. As Racked writes, “Millennials don’t just want to witness a product in action, they demand it.”

Though your store can’t invite shoppers to your headquarters to personally test each product, you can give consumers a good virtual look at your merchandise in action. Populate your website with HD photographs featuring models wearing your products. You can even make before-and-after slideshows for a dramatic effect. You’ll also want to create a series of product videos showing people applying your cosmetics in real time. The more details you can include, the more persuasive these videos will be. Bonus points if you can partner with relevant social micro influencers for product demonstrations.

Fleshing Out Your Website’s Landing Pages

Let’s say a shopper is visiting your website for the first time. What sort of information and answers are they seeking? First, they’ll want to know more about your company’s ethos. So, they’ll click “About Us” on the navigation bar.

This landing page should be current, informative and reinforce your unique selling proposition. Adding photographs of your founders and staff members adds a memorable touch. Suddenly your company seems much more trustworthy, whether you’re a sole proprietor selling beauty products from home or a medium-sized cosmetics business. When consumers can see the people behind the business, they’re more inclined to put their trust in its offerings.

Personalizing Subscription Boxes

What’s better than combining the convenience of online shopping with the customization of having a sales associate help you pick out the best products for your wants and needs? The rise of subscription boxes taps into this very experience. By asking customers a series of questions about their lifestyles, preferences and beauty routines, your brand can put together a one-of-a-kind package and send it straight to their door. When consumers feel like your store “gets” them, they’re more likely to stay loyal and even champion your brand to their friends.

Boosting Customer Service

Quality customer service goes a long way toward showing consumers your company’s human side. Make sure your ecommerce business is highly accessible to shoppers across social media, email, phone and live chat. When you respond to customers’ questions and comments online, sign off with your initials or first name. This will reinforce the fact that real people are behind the screen, responding with care and attentiveness.

To reap the advantages of a humanized approach to online beauty product sales, consider all these ways in which you can build trust with your customer base and provide them a truly distinctive shopping experience.

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