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6 Reasons Accounting is a Great Job for Single Parents

In this strained economy with the job market moving too slow for many to stay employed, it might be a great time to get a college education. A Master’s degree in accounting can be achieved online. Also, there are ample “work from home” opportunities offering above average pay for those struggling to make ends meet.

The best part about getting a degree is the financial aid available to those in college. This financial help can keep the bills paid while pursing that new career.

A bachelor’s degree in accounting is enough to make a great living. Going further to get a master’s degree can bring a lifetime of financial security.

There are many positions available in accounting and bookkeeping to help to keep that paycheck coming regularly while still allowing you to stay at home with the kids. Many companies will require the first year or two in-house, but there are plenty of opportunities to transition to telecommuting.

Here are some great reasons to seek an accounting degree.



There isn’t a career choice more stable than an accountant. Once you’re with a firm or agency and have the financial background and tax return information required to help it run smoothly, you’re nearly irreplaceable.


Working with an accounting firm promises perks and benefits such as 401k’s, health and dental insurance plans, vision discount plans, and prescription drug plans. There is also job security, which often includes paid “on the job” training. Many offer paid parking, continuing education help, and direct deposit.

Job Security

According to the Journal of Accountancy, most financial and accounting professionals are secure in their jobs.  “Seventy-six percent of finance and accounting workers somewhat or strongly agree that they feel secure in their employment, and 78% said they believe their companies have great futures.”  Part of that security is the ability to predict a company’s financial health from behind the scenes.

Job Necessity

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the “U.S. economy supported 1.2 million accountants in 2010, and that’s no surprise: accountants can be found across all industries, helping everyone from individuals and small business owners to the federal government balance the books.”  This is a position that every single business in America requires.

Financial Success

With training in financial management, taxes, payroll, and business finance, accountants can actually help a corporation or small business become financially stable and even experience financial growth. Accountants can manage that company’s finances in a method that ensures success.

Salary Potential

In 2010, the BLS reported that accountants brought home an average of $62k per year. The top earners were closer to $107k and the bottom 10 percent earned close to $40k. The top earners continued their education at the cost of their employers and became even more invaluable.

The best part about becoming an accountant is the varied positions available. From CPA’s to Entertainment, sports, forensic, investment, and international accountants, the field you choose will be an exciting one.

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